The ETG Player Portrait Study: How ETGs Drive Valuable Benefits to Casinos


Over the past year, Interblock has increased its investments in R&D, service and player research. Interblock commissioned the first-ever ETG player segmentation study, The ETG Player Portrait. This report is the first and only study that defines who these players are and why they are critical to gaming business.

We wanted to conduct an independent study with two goals in mind:

1. Collect data that would drive future product decisions.
2. Offer our casino customers data-driven insights to gain a greater understanding of their existing and potential electronic table games player base.

The results of this independent study are clear: ETG players play more often and longer, have larger gaming budgets, are likely to spend more, and are more likely to play games across the entire operation. These findings reinforce what Interblock has been telling casino customers: ETGs are crucial to building successful casino revenue streams.

If you would like see more information we uncovered with the first-ever ETG Player study please contact your sales representative.