Place Your Bets on The New Video Blackjack!

Interblock Video Blackjack delivers a classic table game experience with an extra “hit” of excitement and an added touch of luxury that only Interblock can provide.

The new Video Blackjack consists of a computer with a random number generator and two large LCD player information display where the computer-generated animation of the game progress is displayed. The vertical LCD tracks the dealer’s hand results and statistics for a customizable amount of games and the horizontal player information display that reveals all players hands to your patrons.

The vertical player information display can be customized to a cards only setting, a virtual dealer professional setting, or virtual dealer beginners version. The beginners version helps the player throughout the game and offers visuals and audio that celebrate the player’s wins. On each play station, their dedicated LCD display will also present the games progress.

It can be configured with three play stations for smaller venues or five stations, optimal for speed of play.

Additional features include:

    • Programmable time limits for player betting and decisions
    • Card counting proof against advantage players
    • Uses eight decks with continuous shuffling
    • Strategy Card available in the Help/Rules section
    • Lucky Aces side bet
    • Additional “popular” side bets coming soon!




For more information on Video Blackjack contact your Interblock representative at (702) 260-1384.