Interblock’s Section Configurations Designed to Keep Players Playing Longer, and More Often

Electronic Table Game (ETG) sections are critical to today’s casino business.

Electronic Table Game (ETG) sections are critical to today’s casino business. As the market leader in ETGs, Interblock is one step ahead of the competition. We are the only provider that can deliver the range of ETG products that casinos need in order to support a variety of high-performing ETG sections on their floors and in bar areas.

Interblock’s sections include the revolutionary PULSE ARENA, ETG Pits and Stadiums and the multi-game and multi-play StarBar, which lets casinos pop up unique ETG experiences throughout their floors.

As operators invest more in ETG products, our sections help them transition their casino floors toward the next generation of content, which will keep players playing longer, and more often. With a variety of configurations, Interblock’s ETG sections are customizable to meet the needs of every gaming establishment.


StarBarStarBar is Interblock’s first-ever multi-game and multi-play platform designed for the bar top and was most recently awarded the Silver Medal for Best Table Game Product/Innovation in Global Gaming Business Magazine’s Gaming and Technology Awards. It is unlike anything the gaming industry has seen, an impressive play station specifically designed to maximize casino space while creating an exciting player that offers up to 15 different games. With its own internal random number generator, it can be configured as a standalone machine, can connect to external generators, or can combine both options.

Available Games:
• Jacks or Better Poker
• Bonus Poker
• Double Bonus Poker
• Double Double Bonus Poker
• Deuces Wild Poker
• Blackjack and Multi-Hand Blackjack
• Baccarat
• Single and Double-Zero Roulette
• Craps
• Sic Bo
• Keno
• Pop’n Poker
• Big 3 Six

Electronic Table Game Pits

Automated PitInterblock’s ETG Pits extend player engagement beyond traditional table games. They are the perfect solution for casinos that have unique configuration needs. Available in Automated, Video, or a combination of both formats, ETG Pits let operators transform areas of their casino floor that are no longer seeing an increase in revenue, and can be customized to meet any establishment’s demands.

Available in the full range of Interblock games:
• Roulette
• Blackjack• Baccarat
• Craps
• Sic Bo
• Big Six Wheel


PULSE ARENA-480pxThe PULSE ARENA is the next phase in casino gaming. This game-changing market disrupter is a hybrid experience of entertainment, gambling, and social interaction that can be skinned to attract any player segment, offering a club-like environment, VIP gaming experiences, or even an educational mode for beginners. Operators can customize the destination to meet their needs during the week or weekend.

The immersive, multi-sensory gaming experience is flexible in both size and content, allowing operators to customize configurations according to their casino size and player preferences. It also attracts both new and experienced players to the casino floor, and drives new casino revenues from these players.





Diamond Stadium

Stadium_25PS_Roulette_BlackJackInterblock’s Diamond Stadiums are premium gaming destinations for your core gamblers. They let operators maximize their floor space by adding incremental play stations, dealer assist, automated, and/or video generators based on their footprint availability.

The dealer assist platform allows players to place wagers through play stations, while the dealer conducts the game on the table. The live table uses a semi–automatic Roulette wheel, an intelligent card dealing shoe, or a dice shaker.

Interblock is the ONLY company that offers four Stadium dealer assist generators, allowing up to six different game forms:
• Roulette
• Dice generator: Craps and Sic Bo
• Traditional Card: Baccarat and Blackjack
• Multi-Hand Card: Blackjack