Interblock’s Exclusive Simultaneous Bet Prevention Technology


In November of 2015, Interblock unveiled its new and exclusive Simultaneous Bet Prevention Technology, which protects the house from players who are racking up valuable points due to revenue-neutral playing. The landmark technology is a major milestone in the field of electronic table games, and is available only from Interblock.

With Interblock’s Simultaneous Bet Prevention Technology, operators have more control over players earning points and rewards due to revenue-neutral playing such as betting both red and black or even/odd on the same game in an electronic version of roulette. The technology also prevents players from occupying a seat that could be used by a legitimate player, and it protects earnings by making it impossible for a player to receive unearned credits and convert them to cash.

Interblock’s Simultaneous Bet Prevention Technology allows the operator to prevent players from placing simultaneous opposite, yet equal, bets. With the configuration option, operators can quickly and easily restrict certain bets.

For more information on Simultaneous Bet Prevention Technology, visit or contact your Interblock sales representative.