Interblock Product Portfolio: Technology at a Glance

Interblock builds on a 25-year history of innovations that have done more to advance the technology of Electronic Table Games (ETGs) than any other company.

Interblock remains laser-focused on new ways for electronic table games to bring value in today’s casino environment. Interblock is the only true premium brand in the ETG space, with products designed to convey elegance and sophistication. We’ve put a lot of thought into creating a sense of esteem and prestige, and Interblock’s electronic table games deliver.

We have four key product lines — Organic, Diamond, MiniStar, and StarBar — and have created a new gaming environment, the PULSE ARENA, which combines Interblock’s products, interactivity and entertainment to create an exciting gambling experience for established players, while attracting new players to the casino floor.

Our products fall under three generator types: Automated, Dealer Assist and Video. The Automated gaming devices are fully programmed, independently operating machines that use, for example, a real roulette wheel and ball, real dice and real cards. The Dealer Assist gaming devices are real tables with electronic betting, offering players the ability to place wagers through Play Stations while a dealer conducts the game on the table. The Video gaming devices are purely software-based. Their center units consist of a computer with the random number generator software and large LCD displays, where the computer-generated animation of the game progress is displayed.

organicThe Organic Product Line offers luxury, proven electronic table games for Roulette, Baccarat, Craps, Blackjack, and Sic-Bo, in three formats/generators: Automated, Dealer Assist and Video. This product family is an advanced multi-player platform, offering flexibility with multi-language support, multi-game capability, time-of-day denomination scheduling, and player selectable denominations.

The Diamond Product Line is a first-of-its-kind system that allows operators to customize the product based on their knowledge of their player base. It offers an exceptional player experience for Roulette, Baccarat, Craps, Blackjack, Sic-Bo, Big Six, Big 3 Six and Keno. Diamond products are available in Dealer Assist, Automated and Video formats/generators.diamond

Any desired number of Play Stations can be connected to a single gaming device with x-technology connection joints to maximize the use of space. The Diamond platform also offers multi-game and multi-play capabilities, which means that one Play Station can connect to multiple generators – for example, a casino patron can play Roulette and then switch to Sic-Bo without ever leaving their seats, or even play multiple games at one time.

The sleek, attractive design of the Diamond product line combines a luxury feel with ease of playability to keep players coming back for more.

G5_MiniStar05The MiniStar Product Line is a high-performance product with a smaller footprint that accommodates any casino floor. MiniStar Roulette consists of a fully automated Roulette generator, which is surrounded by 5, 6, 8 or 10 MiniStar Play Stations with either a Single or Double Zero Roulette wheel. The product incorporates all the features of the automated Diamond Roulette with excellent visibility and an ergonomically designed surface. The automated Roulette generator enables between 80 and 150 results per hour.

The StarBar Product Line offers an impressive Play Station specifically designed to maximize casino space and fit stylishly into any bar area. It is easy to install into new or existing bar counters and offers the whole range of Interblock G5_Starbar_Red1games as well as video poker games. With its own internal random number generator, it can be configured as a standalone machine; connected to external generators; or operated as a combination of both options. The StarBar has a beautiful façade, intuitive user interface, and features multi-game and multi-play functionality. Players can enjoy more than one game at a time, switching between their favorite games with just one touch. StarBar is built to accommodate a large touch-sensitive LCD display along with a separate Button Deck panel.

PULSE ARENA is the next phase in casino gaming: it provides an immersive, highly customizable technological experience that will attract new players to the casino floor and drive new casino revenues from these players. The PULSE ARENA delivers a hybrid experience of entertainment, gambling, and social interaction. It can be “themed” to attract any type of player Pulsesegment, offering a dynamic vibe, tournament functionality, or a way to engage and educate beginners.

PULSE ARENA also incorporates features and functionality that enhance the gambling experience and allow casinos to create a social climate that celebrates the player and their wins. Our solutions are flexible, and operators can customize configurations according to their floor size and player preferences – and even change the environment completely to meet differing needs during the week or weekends. The PULSE ARENA demonstrates the scalability of Interblock products, and showcases innovations that Interblock’s devices are uniquely designed to deliver.