Interblock Places a 20-Seat Diamond Stadium at Merit Royal Hotel & Casino, Cyprus

MENGES, Slovenia (25 October 2017)

Luxury gaming manufacturer and electronic table game (ETG) market leader Interblock has announced the placement of a Diamond Stadium at Merit Royal Hotel & Casino in Cyprus. The deal is an extension of Interblock’s current Organic Roulette product offerings on the casino floor bringing the casino’s Interblock footprint to 41 seats.

Mr. Bojan Dreven, Regional Sales Manager for Interblock EU, stated, “We are proud to have expanded our ETG footprint and are excited to continue our partnership with Merit Royal Hotel & Casino. Our Diamond Stadium is setting new standards in luxury gaming not only in Cyprus, but across the entire European region.”

The new Diamond Stadium is composed of twenty 27-inch play stations, five wall-mounted high-definition LCD Displays and two generators offering automated Roulette and dealer assist Roulette. This configuration allows players to easily toggle between both Roulette games from a single play station, giving players more opportunities to place bets and providing the operator with incremental revenue.

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