Interblock Changing the Vision of a Successful Floor at G2E 2016

LAS VEGAS, Nev. (Sept. 21, 2016)

Luxury gaming manufacturer and Electronic Table Game market leader Interblock arrives at booth #1239 of the Global Gaming Expo 2016 with new products and features, new key personnel, and a message to its customers: Interblock Electronic Table Games are an essential part of the casino floor.

Interblock’s ETGs reach across gender and demographic boundaries to appeal to every type of player: not only drawing in the next generation of players, but also keeping existing players playing longer and more often,” said Interblock Global CEO John Connelly. “Our objective for this year’s G2E is to share data-driven information that indicates ETGs should no longer be directly compared with the slot business. ETGs’ growing incremental revenue is driving new types of players onto the casino floor at rates exceeding other product categories.”

At this year’s show, the company will showcase the flexibility, reliability, and strength of their solutions through four innovative ETG hotspot sections: ETG Pits, PULSE ARENAs, Stadiums, and Bar Tops.

Interblock’s ETG Pits are the perfect solution for casinos that have unique configuration needs. Available in Automated, Video, or a combination of both formats, ETG Pits let operators transform under-performing areas of their casino floor, and can be customized to meet any establishment’s demands.

The two ETG Pits will be supported by multiple new innovations:

  • The TRIO, a visually impactful Electronic Table Games island made up of three 5-seater Automated ETG products, that is designed to create an ETG Pit-like feel for smaller properties with limited floor space.
  • A new Pick 2 Win Craps game that lets the player pick two of the three dice, as in traditional live Craps.
  • Diamond Dual Roulette with Simultaneous Multi-Play and Multi-Game functionality that allows players to play two separate color-coded Roulette games on the same screen.

Next is the revolutionary PULSE ARENA, which was most recently included among Casino Journal’s Top 20 Most Innovative Products for 2015 and received a silver medal in the contest. This game-changing market-disrupter is designed to attract brand new players, while providing established players with a new experience.

Interblock’s Stadium lets operators maximize their floor space by adding incremental play stations, dealer assist, and/or automated generators based on their footprint availability. The Stadium gaming platform allows players to place wagers through play stations, while the dealer conducts games on the dealer assist tables and is compatible with up to six different game forms. Interblock is the ONLY Company that offers FOUR Stadium Dealer Assist generators that allow six different game forms: Roulette, Craps and Sic-Bo, Single-Hand Cards (Baccarat and Blackjack) and Multi-Hand Cards (Blackjack).

The company’s StarBar bar top, also recognized as one of Casino Journal’s Top 20 Most Innovative Products for 2015, is unlike anything the gaming industry has seen: an impressive play station specifically designed to maximize casino space while creating an exciting player hotspot that offers up to 15 different games. With its own internal random number generator, it can be configured as a standalone machine, can connect to external generators, or can combine both options.

With a proven track record, Interblock is the industry’s market leader in ETGs. Visit the company in booth #1239 to learn more.

About Interblock

Interblock® is a worldwide leading developer and supplier of luxury electronic table gaming products. Its multi-player gaming devices set industry standards and provide the ultimate in luxury interactive entertainment experiences. The Interblock brand is globally recognized for diamond quality gaming solutions and technical support in more than 166 jurisdictions. Interblock’s exclusive collection of fully and semi-automated electronic gaming tables and video gaming solutions provide casinos, arcades and gambling halls with superior product performance and their guests with an unforgettable gaming experience. For more information, visit or call +1 (702) 260-1384.

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