Experience the Future of Gaming with PULSE ARENA


Interblock has built a tradition of being first to market with products and technologies that seem years ahead of their time. Interblock founder Joč Pececnik attributes the company’s success to listening to what customers tell us about their needs and their players, and using that information to create new products and features that add value.

The PULSE ARENA is a particularly good recent example.

PULSE ARENA blends the energy of the latest trends in gaming, interactivity, and entertainment to create an exciting new gambling experience that offers a friendly environment for established players, while also drawing new players to the casino floor. PULSE ARENA is a forward-thinking execution that creates a new customized environment for operators.

It allows operators the flexibility to select different configurations and changing gambling-enhancing themes to attract any type of player segment — whether it’s a dynamic vibe, tournament functionality, or education for beginning players at different times of the day or the week.

PULSE ARENA incorporates features and functionality that also heighten the gambling experience and allow casinos to create a social climate, celebrates the player and their wins. It also demonstrates the scalability of Interblock products and innovations and showcases playing enhancing features that Interblock’s devices are uniquely designed to deliver.

Interblock is a true partner. We are not just selling a product; we’re working and listening to our customers to create new experiences to meet today’s players.