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The Interblock Company monitors website visits in order to improve the user experience and monitor website operation. Because of this and in relation to social network access, cookies may be uploaded to your device when you visit the Interblock website.

Cookies are small files that store the user’s online settings and preferences through browsers. Almost every website uses them. The web browser downloads them upon your first visit to a website. Upon your next visit to the same site via the same device, the browser can check whether the cookie containing the website name is already present. If the cookie is found, the data from the website is used for communication with the website through the cookie. Consequently, the website receives the information that the user has previously already visited the website. In some cases, the website can adjust the displayed content to the specific user, which may improve the user experience.

The Interblock website uses the following cookies:

Essential cookies
 Cookie  Expiry  Description
 ARRAffinity  At the end of session  This cookie is used to load balance your visit and ensure you are routed to the same server consistently.
 WAWebSiteSID  At the end of session  This cookie is used to identify to which server instance your request should go.
Non-essential cookies
 Cookie  Expiry  Description
 cid  2 years  This cookie is used to store a unique client identifier (Client ID), which is a randomly generated sequence of characters. It is used to distinguish users.

Interblock only uploads non-essential cookies to your device, used to access the site if you consent to this transfer by clicking the “I agree” button in the pop-up box on the website. If no consent is given, Interblock will not upload any non-essential cookies, which may result in limited user experience when browsing the Interblock website.

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If you wish, you can prevent these files from using non-personal information about you by either deleting the cookie folder in your browser or by putting your browser’s Privacy setting higher, this may well adversely affect your experience of websites that use cookies to enhance or personalize that experience. You can find out how to make these changes to your browser at this site: http://www.aboutcookies.org/.