Mengeš, Slovenia, 29 August 2017

Past Saturday, the 26th of August 2017, was a day of success for charity. Funds were raised for seven different organizations by anybody with a sense of charity, headed by the most successful Slovenian hockey player Anže Kopitar and successful entrepreneur Joc Pečečnik, who have devoted their time and effort to make this, the fifth edition of their annual charity golf tournament, the best to date.

When the hot summer day turned to night, the tension at the event continued to grow until the final amount of raised funds was announced. The extraordinary sum of EUR 110,871.80 broke the record. It is great news for those set to receive aid and a difficult task for organizers of charitable events because it will be difficult to pass this amount in Slovenia.

This time the funds raised under the auspices of the Red Ball Institution, a SBC Foundation, will be used to help the “Happy Feet” society for persons with intellectual disabilities for their Faithful Donor project, developing programs to help a greater number of children and their families, the “Comma instead of a full stop” society for persons with intellectual disabilities which will be allocating funding to its members, including Nejc Robič who suffered respiratory distress and brain hemorrhage at birth, resulting in a severe form of cerebral paralysis, the Pediatric Department of Jesenice General Hospital for the purchase of a 24h hour ECG machine (a device that detects signs of illness as well as other problems of the heart), the Association of Friends of the Youth Ljubljana Moste Polje for the Europe and the Youth project – an organised travel to central and southern Italy for 8-10 prospective youths and a weekend camp for about 20 families at risk or over 60 persons in autumn and assistance for three young and talented athletes Lovro Plank (biathlon), Lucija Šušteršič (track & field) and Gašper Štih (swimming).

A better tomorrow was provided by: Akrapovič, Arkas, Avto hiša Vrtač, Accentec, Avto Aktiv, Blažič, robni trakovi, Conditus, Cvetličarna Khaya, Dat-con, Decor & Design, Dr. Glass, Elvez, E-branjevka, Elbacom, Eurocom, GEC Plešce, Golf igrišče Royal Bled, Icepeak, Iskratel, Jezeršek Gostinstvo, Kirurgija Bitenc, Lotrič Meroslovje, Lumar, Makplast, MennYacht, Mebor, Modri val, Mit, NLB, Plastika Skaza, POS Elektronček, Riko, Roto, Star Travel, Summit Avto, Vitraj and notable Slovenians including Filip Flisar, Luka Dončič, Domen Prevc, Jure Košir, Tomaž Vnuk, Peter Mankoč, Goran Dragič, stand up comedians Denis Avdič and Vid Valič, singer Ditka and winner of Slovenia has Talent 2014 Jana Šušteršič, magician Magic Aleksander and many others.

Sincere thanks to all participants!

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