A Casino Classic with a New Spin: BigSix Wheel

Twenty-five years of innovation and technical perfection come together in dazzling fashion in the new BigSix game, the latest creation from luxury gaming manufacturer Interblock.

Interblock’s BigSix wheel puts a new spin on the classic game and adds a fun and exciting touch of luxury to any gaming floor.

It is fully automated, eliminating overhead costs usually associated with live-dealer BigSix games. As an automated game, BigSix is ideal for venues where live, dealer-operated table games are not allowed.

Interblock’s BigSix mechanical wheel spins automatically at pre-set intervals and up to 150 games can be spun per hour. The BigSix wheel is divided into 54 or 52 segments, each with a symbol. If the pointer stops on a selected symbol, players placing their bets on that symbol win. A variety of pay tables and symbol distribution options enable gaming establishments to manage the odds of winning.

The transparent wheel can be connected to multiple, modular Diamond Play Stations placed on either side, providing the flexibility to add an unlimited number of simultaneous players and excellent economies of scale – in multi-play and multi-game settings.

Hold ranges from 5-24%; odds range up to 50 to 1 max; and there are seven betting fields/pay tables.

For more information, contact your Interblock representative at (702) 260-1384.