Interblock’s StarBar is a smart solution for keeping gaming going even when players hit the bar for a refreshment break. Beautifully and elegantly designed to maximize casino space, the StarBar is easy to install into any existing or new bar counter and can be customized to meet the unique requirements of any gaming establishment. The innovative play station can be used as a standalone bar top gaming machine and/or connected to external generators, StarBar +, to play Interblock dealer assist or automated games — including those based on dice, cards, and roulette.

Key Features
  • Beautiful facade and intuitive touch-sensitive display
  • Certified random number generator
  • More games per hour than traditional bar top machines
  • Multi-game, multi-play functionality
  • Power Meter bonus system available
  • Compatible with all bill and ticket peripherals
  • Online system connectivity
  • Secure, tamper-proof cabinet
  • Interchangeable Button deck that can house mechanical buttons for Video Poker Play or Slot Content for added game play.
Multi Play Keeps The Gaming Going

StarBar allows players to interact with multiple games simultaneously on one play station. Without having to cash out or change machines, players can play up to four out of a possible eighteen different games at the same time. Keeping players in their seats means more business for you and more fun for gamers.

  • Diamond Video Poker —Jacks or Better, 4 of a Kind Poker, 2x 4 of a Kind Poker, 4x 4 of a Kind Poker, Deuces Wild Poker
  • Keno
  • Blackjack, Multi-Hand Blackjack, Baccarat
  • Single and Double-Zero Roulette
  • Craps, Sic Bo
  • Pop ‘N Poker, Big 3 Six, Diamond Video Slots
  • Side bets available on most games
  • And more!
Power Meter Bonus System

The exciting new Power Meter displays player statistics (e.g., games played or winning percentage), enables operators to offer incentives based on predetermined criteria. For instance, “Play 10 Games, Win a Free Entry for a Valuable Prize”. The casino can easily set up promotions that incentivize players to play more. Fully automated campaigns, including coupon printouts, make it easy to create special player extras without any need for staff assistance.


The StarBar is available in two different colors: red and black.

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