Automated Dual Roulette

diamond diamond
diamond diamond


Diamond Dual Roulette offers twice the excitement and takes player interaction to the next level, giving casinos, racinos, and gaming lounges an innovative way to attract new players and generate more revenue.


Diamond Dual Roulette offers multi-game and multi-play functionality, allowing players to play two Roulette games on the same screen, at the same time. The game is made up of two different colored Roulette generators that work in concert, giving players the opportunity to play more spins without having to wait for the betting clock. The different colored generators, individual picture-in-picture video feeds, and 27-inch screens make it easy for a player to follow the two active wheels.


  • Available with six, eight, or ten seats
  • Single-Zero (0) Diamond Roulette (37 slots)
  • Double-Zero (00) Diamond Roulette (38 slots)
  • Live wheel and ball generator
  • Automated 10-ball changer
  • Color adjustable armrests
  • Fraud prevention system
  • Updated lights and sounds package
  • New ball-chasing lighting effects
  • Settable minimum/maximum limits
  • Settable time limits for player decisions
Golden Chip Mystery Progressive

This progressive is designed for small progressive amounts paid on a regular basis. When a set criterion within the RNG is met, players can be awarded a Golden Chip. The player then has the ability to place this Golden Chip on any straight up number. If the player fails to place the Golden Chip, the Golden Chip will randomly be placed for them. If on the next spin the ball drops in the Golden Chip bet position, the player will win the Progressive Jackpot. If the Jackpot fails to be won, it will continue to rise incrementally. As with all progressives, the parameters are configurable.